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Energy Analytics & Monitoring

We gather data on significant energy users (SEU), conduct energy modelling, do benchmarking, and energy savings simulations to determine what energy interventions are feasible for a site.

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Utility Services

We help major developers and EPCs build world class utility scale solar projects all over the world with locally manufactured equipment.

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We offer industry-body accredited solar PV training courses and customer accreditation for certain equipment.

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Technical Support

We provide technical backup and support in various areas.

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Solar Software Solution

We provide an all-in-one solar software solution to our EPC and installer partners. It takes care of everything from initial contact with the end user through to the installation of their solar system, monitoring of the system over time and offering follow-up services.

Design a system

Installers can use our online design tool to create detailed solar designs quickly and easily for their customers.


Procure equipment

Our e-commerce platform enables solar installers to purchase all the kit they need in one place, from one distributor.


Upskill teams

Our training courses give our partners the skills and knowledge needed to install solar systems securely and effectively.



Rubicon’s energy and storage products are used in various applications including residential and commercial buildings, as well as in off-grid settings. Browse through our case studies to see how our products are benefiting a variety of end users.

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Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings are moving towards sustainability with a greater focus on energy efficiency. Solar systems form a large part of this shift towards greener buildings, as many turn to them for their electricity needs. Solar systems provide reliable power, significant savings on electricity bills, and a good return on investment for commercial properties.


Off-grid solar systems provide dependable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power for homes and businesses. Off-grid solar systems are particularly suitable for those who live or work in isolated areas without access to traditional forms of power.

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