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Rubicon has an unparalleled basket of own-developed and exclusively represented products tailored for emerging market needs. We also have the technical knowledge to test and service our products. Our PV solar range includes solar panels; inverters; balance of system; metering and instruments; a solar geyser controller; and more. Our energy storage solutions include lithium and lead batteries.

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Rubicon’s value-added services ensure that our customers get a full package of high-quality support to complement our world-class products.

Energy Analysis & Monitoring

We offer energy analysis and monitoring of sites to help our partners understand their clients’ energy needs better so they can offer them a tailored solution.


We offer industry body-accredited solar PV training courses which can earn installers extended warranties on certain equipment and increased access to project leads.


Rubicon helps to design sustainable, energy-efficient systems and select equipment based on information gathered through energy modelling as well as on client and site requirements.

Consolidation & Logistics

Our experts handle all requirements for the consolidation and logistics services of our customer’s regional, national and international projects, and facilitate export/import compliance.

Technical Support

Rubicon’s highly trained and certified solar technicians provide technical back-up, support, and assist with questions or problems that arise during installation, commissioning or maintenance.


Solar Software Solution

We provide an all-in-one solar software solution to our EPC and installer partners. It takes care of everything from initial contact with the end user through to the installation of their solar system, monitoring of the system over time and offering follow-up services.

Design a system

Installers can use our online design tool to create detailed solar designs quickly and easily for their customers.

Procure equipment

Our e-commerce platform enables solar installers to purchase all the kit they need in one place, from one distributor.

Upskill teams

Our training courses give our partners the skills and knowledge needed to install solar systems securely and effectively.


Rubicon’s energy and storage products are used in various applications including residential and commercial buildings, as well as in off-grid settings. Browse through our case studies to see how our products are benefiting a variety of end users.

An off-grid energy solution for Bona Bona Game Lodge

Energy and Storage Off-grid

Goodwe solution powers Plett shopping centre

Commercial Energy and Storage

A 90% reduction in power bills for this Serengeti Estate homeowner

Energy and Storage Residential

Top solar technology used for Algoa FM green building

Commercial E-Mobility Energy and Storage Off-grid
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