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We supply several Delta products including uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) from 1kVA up to 1.5mVA, plus batteries and accessories. We also supply a full range of power factor systems to prevent components being damaged by surges or poor power quality. These include capacitor power factor systems and power electronics power factor systems such as active power filters (APF) and static VAR generators (SVG).


Keep your operations running smoothly when other sources of input power fail, with our uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions. This energy efficient range includes flexible, scalable systems which can be expanded to accommodate greater demands for power protection.

Power Factor

Our customisable range of power factor correction products monitor, report on, and resolve issues that threaten the reliability and efficiency of power supply systems. With simple and flexible application, they eliminate grid harmonics, reactive power fluctuations, imbalance, and other issues to adapt to new electronic equipment and power quality problems.


Stabilise electrical networks and prevent power quality problems caused by harmonic frequencies in the power grid with our cost-effective harmonics solutions. Use these products to analyse harmonics and reduce equipment down time.


Rubicon supplies various high-performance lead and lithium batteries. We are also the sole distributor of the Tesla Powerwall 2 in South Africa. Easy to install, with long service life and excellent safety features, our batteries provide reliable power for various types of equipment and systems for home, industrial and commercial applications.


Rubicon’s power solutions are used in various industrial automation applications including automotive, food and beverage, mining and raw materials, logistics, packaging, warehousing, and pharmaceuticals. Browse through our case studies to see how our products are benefiting a variety of system integrators and OEMs.

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