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Our Lighting range includes bespoke, specialised luminaires using a combination of imported and locally procured products, as well as tailormade luminaires manufactured in our production facility. We stock linear, panel, exterior and industrial fittings. Our protected, emergency and UVC lighting ranges cater for applications in industrial, commercial and healthcare settings. 

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Rubicon Lighting’s products are used in retail, residential and commercial applications. We also cater to the hospitality and industrial sectors, while our specialised UVC products are used to disinfect healthcare facilities. Browse through our case studies to see how our products are benefiting a variety of end users.


The hospitality industry requires lighting to fulfil several roles, from functional to creating a specific ambience. Rubicon Lighting caters for hospitality applications with convenient, energy saving luminaires that ensure comfort as well as a good return on investment.


Rubicon understands the importance of durable commercial lighting that complies with the relevant standards required by the industries they are used in. We provide lighting for indoor and outdoor commercial applications that have long lifespans, are energy efficient, and low on maintenance.


We design and manufacture certain LED lighting solutions and fittings in-house. By responding to market trends and product demands, we are able to manufacture bespoke solutions that are constantly adapting to our customers’ needs. Our production facilities have a full suite lighting laboratory, including a state-of-the-art goniophotometer. This ensures our products meet the specifications required by our customers and allows us to confidently stand behind our market-leading warranties.

Electrical testing

Our electrical testing services include power factor testing and measuring the wattage consumed by luminaires.

Photometric testing

We conduct comprehensive photometric testing on LEDs and luminaires to measure the amount, quality, colour, and spatial distribution of the light emitted.

Research and development

Our manufacturing facility performs research and development, to tailor make, test and produce light fittings based on market or client demand.


Lighting services

Rubicon’s lighting team is an essential partner for any lighting project. Our services range from advising customers during the conceptual phase of a project, right through to the design, installation, and servicing of their luminaires.

High level technical support

We provide high-level technical support on products and applications based on our extensive industry experience and intimate knowledge of the market. Our clients trust our design and technical advice and each project or client is treated holistically.

Design capabilities

With in-house design capabilities, we help our clients bring their lighting projects to life. Our team uses Relux, Dialux, Revit and AutoCAD to perform lighting calculations and build models of luminaires.

Field services

Rubicon offers various field services to clients including, but not limited to, on-the-ground service teams, installation, auditing, aiming and directing of spotlights, and light level confirmations.


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