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We stock a range of home, business and supercharger charging stations, and charging accessories. The brands we stock include EVBox, EO Charging and Delta.


We partner with EVBackOffice - a central, cloud-based platform for monitoring and managing e-mobility charging points. Use this responsive, easy to use system, to remotely configure various charge point parameters, start and stop charging, and unlock the charger from the vehicle. Gain insights on your charging network through reports on charge point availability, transaction count, energy usage, and occupancy rates. The system can be configured to send alerts and status updates via email and SMS.

Determine if the Charge Point is active and online.

Start and stop charge sessions remotely.

Stop current in-progress charge sessions.

Unlock the connector from the vehicle remotely.

View and analyze charge sessions.

Reset and reboot charge points in the network.

Manage charge authorization tags.

Setup support contacts to receive status updates and alerts via email and SMS.


Rubicon’s electric vehicle charging solutions are used in various applications including hotels, commercial buildings, and dealerships. Browse through our case studies to see how our products are benefiting a variety of end users.

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