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Rubicon’s comprehensive range of meters and tools include digital multimeters, thermal cameras, electrical testers, clamp meters, accessories and insulated tools. Our power quality meters record power quality parameters in real-time, allowing you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot events easily. Accurate, reliable and easy-to-use, all these products are manufactured to global safety and quality standards.

Digital multimeters

Our industrial, digital multimeters give accurate measurements, consistent, reliable performance, and prioritise safety. They are suitable for basic electrical testing, advanced troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance. Our robust products can survive drops and are resistant to shock, humidity and other harsh environmental conditions.

Thermal cameras

We stock handheld, articulating and mounted infrared thermal cameras. They are suitable for various applications, including electrical inspections, frontline troubleshooting and research, and science and engineering purposes. Use our thermal cameras daily in tough industrial environments to detect issues before they become problems.

Electrical testers

We stock electrical testers and voltage detectors suitable for most applications in most environments. The testers are safe, accurate and easy to use. Our range includes non-contact voltage detectors, voltage detectors with continuity detectors, open-jaw current testers, open fork testers, motor phase rotation testers, and voltage metres.

Clamp meters

Our digital clamp metres can be used to take general, industrial, and utility-scale measurements. These noise-free amp clamp metres are designed to give reliable readings and are perfect for use in tight spaces or difficult-to-reach places.


We stock various high-quality accessories such as test leads, temperature adaptors, and carry cases for your test tools. These products are safe, reliable, and accurate.

Insulated tools

The hand tools that we stock are insulated to offer protection from electric shock and limit the possibility of arc faults from short circuits. Our hand tools are designed to be comfortable, ergonomic, and meet international quality and safety standards.

Power quality meters

We stock advanced power quality analysers with a revolutionary, patented algorithm for continuous waveform recording. These easy-to-use devices record all power quality parameters in real-time, enabling you to predict, prevent and troubleshoot events easily. Use Elspec’s free, comprehensive engineering software to create professional reports and analyse your data.

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