At our lean manufacturing facility, we develop and manufacture turnkey, commercial and industrial light fixtures and luminaires using computer controlled cutting and fabrication machinery to process plastic materials and aluminium extrusion. We do the final assembly and testing of the light fixtures to ensure they’re of the highest quality before handover to clients.

Electrical testing

Our electrical testing services includes power quality and harmonic testing, as well as measuring power factor and the load or wattage drawn by the luminaires.

Photometric testing

We conduct comprehensive photometric testing on LEDs and luminaires to measure the amount, quality, colour, and spatial distribution of the light emitted from them.

Research and development

Our manufacturing facility performs research and development, to tailor make, test and produce light fittings based on market or client demand. That is how we can continue to offer industry-leading, high-performance products and services.

Quality control

Rubicon conducts quality checks and verification on all local and imported products to ensure that they adhere to national legislation and international standards before selling them on to clients. Our in-house laboratory does functional, electrical, photometric, and basic thermal testing. We partner with external labs to do ingress protection (IP) and extreme thermal testing.

Thermal testing

We conduct thermal testing on LED modules and drivers to ensure they don’t exceed the thermal limit. This ensures that they are robust and reliable with a long operating lifetime and the correct level of luminous flux. It also means we can give excellent guarantees and warrantees on our products.


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