Rubicon supplies cost effective, energy efficient lighting for all retail applications that takes the experience of shoppers and comfort of staff into account. Use our lights to create the desired atmosphere, highlight products, correctly illuminate tills, and contribute towards the unique design of your store.


Rubicon understands the importance of durable commercial lighting that complies with the relevant standards required by the industries they are used in. We provide lighting for indoor and outdoor commercial applications that have long lifespans, are energy efficient, and low on maintenance. All lighting is tested to ensure that they meet the relevant regulation as well as the specific lux level requirements for each application.


Our range of residential lighting is the perfect addition to make your house feel like a home. We supply cost-effective, low maintenance lighting options for all areas of your home and make energy savings a priority. Transform dull areas, enhance interior design and highlight the architecture of your home. Whether you want your lighting to have elegant feel or create a cosy atmosphere – Rubicon has it all.


Rubicon’s industrial lighting meets the performance, safety and longevity requirements for a range of industries including mining, warehousing, factories, and workshops. Our robust lights are low on maintenance and provide the right level of light needed for a safe and effective work environment.


Lighting for healthcare settings needs to meet specific requirements to create the best conditions for staff and patients. Rubicon understands these needs and stocks lightings that effectively illuminates healthcare facilities. In addition, our UVC Lighting range includes air and surface disinfection products that can be tailormade to client specifications and are 99% effective when used correctly.

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